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Where to shop for dresses in Ho Chi Minh city

In my 6 months of stay in Ho Chi Minh city, I found out three awesome places to shop economically for dresses. I picked up some fine pieces of clothing from the city, which I will forever cherish as my souvenirs from the beautiful country.

So these places where you can shop for dresses in Ho Chi Minh city are:

  1. Taka plaza
  2. Lucky plaza
  3. Le van sy street

I am talking about very stylish, yet very affordable, made in Vietnam dresses. The stitching in Vietnam is of high quality. Vietnamese women pay a lot of attention to their grooming, as well as fashion. And that is complemented by the fine quality of stitching done by the tailors of Vietnam.

Fashion and tailoring in Vietnam

The tailoring capital of Vietnam is Hoi An (UNESCO world heritage site). Tourists from around the world, flock to this small town to get fashionable clothing stitched at very affordable prices. However, coming from India, I found that the prices there, are quite comparable to that in India. But yes, for western wear, Vietnam certainly has top quality tailoring to offer. So if you have some good designs in mind, you can definitely get them tailor made for you, while in the town.

One of my favorite dresses which i bought in Vietnam…wore it while i was travelling in Bangkok

However, if you are not travelling to Hoi An, but to Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), do not worry. Saigon is full of lovely fashion boutiques, which offer beautifully and uniquely designed clothing. So in terms of fashion, the city never stops to amaze you. From low, to mid to premium range, the city offers you all kinds of fashion wear as per your taste and budget.  

During my stay in the city, each weekend (the ones in which I wasn’t travelling) I would explore a different corner of the city and invariably go shopping.

One caveat about shopping in Vietnam: it takes effort to find the right size.

Vietnamese women are very slim and petite. So you might have to buy one size bigger than what you generally buy, to get the correct size. It is recommended, that you try all pieces of clothing, before buying. Most of the stores in the country are run by women and they are generally very nice to you. So the overall shopping experience is mostly comfortable.

A little more detail about the three places to shop from, in the city:

The price of clothes here will vary from $15 to $60 (for dresses).

Taka plaza

One of my favourite, quick shopping gratification places in the city was Taka plaza. It is located quite close to the Ben Thanh Market (the tourist market in Ho Chi Minh city), in district 1. This shopping complex, majorly witnesses locals as shoppers, interspersed with few tourists.

It is a relatively smaller complex with several stores selling clothes, shoes, accessories and bags. The thing about this place is one must look thoroughly before buying. If you look quickly at a glance, you might feel there isn’t anything good to purchase. But on keenly and patiently looking, one can find some very nicely stitched dresses.

A bright orange one, which I wore to Singapore…

One of the things which i bought from this complex (apart from dresses) was very finely made Vietnamese silk scarves. You will find plenty of them in Ben Thanh market as well, but here i found some uniquely designed ones, different from the ones in the tourist market.

Taka Plaza on Google Maps

Lucky plaza

Also located in district 1, Lucky plaza stands adjacent to the famous café apartments on Nguyen Hue street, right opposite to Sunwah Tower. This shopping complex is fully air-conditioned. Tourists are the primary target segment, however local shoppers also shop a lot from the complex.

The prices at Lucky plaza are a tad higher than that of Taka plaza. However, the difference is not much. You might actually find some superior quality products in exchange of the higher price.

One of the best shops is on the first floor, towards the end, on the left corner. Cannot recall the name, but all the lady there sells is formal and casual dresses and she has the best collection of dresses in the complex. I picked up an amazing navy blue formal dress from her shop.

On that note, some shopping tips (applicable generally across countries, wherever you shop) :

  1. When shopping for products in the affordable range in local shops, check for quality and good designs thoroughly. More often then not, you may find something which is really good at a very normal price. Keep looking!
  2. You say no, when your heart says no. If you don’t like something fully now (especially clothes), chances of you liking it later, are quite slim
  3. Never compromise! And shop on with a smile! 😊

Lucky plaza on Google maps

Le Van Sy Street

Located in district 3, Le Van Sy street, is like the holy street for the shopaholics. This street has standalone shops with fashion wear, on either side of the road, stretched across for thousands of meters. So you enter the street, just keep on walking, admiring the dresses on the window, and entering the shops whose display you really like, trying and buying.

Mostly the local people of the city, shop on this street and it is quite unexplored by tourists. Nevertheless, there is no dearth of variety of designs here and one of these shops will certainly have something you like. Most of the stores are run by native tailors/owners, who run the shops in the day and retire to their homes in the evening, right behind the shop. A lot of the shopkeepers do not understand English, so if you really like a dress, google translate comes to the rescue.

Being a shopaholic myself, this street used to be like a day long plan for me. I would have my food, then scoot off to the street, walk from store to store trying out outfits, mentally dancing with joy, snacking when hungry and only returning home, when dusk would set in.  Such great memories! 😊

Oh! and one of the cute shops to look out for is “The Gom House”. It is like a miniso or a mumuso kind of outlet, which offers all kinds of cute knick knacks, which you can buy for your friends and family as souvenirs from Vietnam.


Until next time…

Another one, which i wore while visiting the 3D musuem in Ho Chi Minh city…

So if you are travelling to Vietnam and have a stop over in Ho Chi Minh city, do try out these places if you want to shop for dresses/jackets/tops/shirts, in the affordable range. If you are there for a brief time and cannot explore all of these at length, the you can just visit lucky plaza and see if you can find out some nice fashionable dresses for yourself.

If you are in the city for a longer duration, you can of course explore all the amazing malls, as well as other shopping streets in the city like Nguyen Trai street, Hai Ba Trung and the many boutiques, in and around the Nguyen Hue street, in addition to the above three places.

Please share your thoughts and experiences and Keep travelling!  🙂


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