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A unique stay at Phu Quoc

If you are travelling to South Vietnam, and planning to experience the beaches, you can plan a trip to Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc is an island, located to the south of Vietnam. The best way to reach Phu Quoc is by flight from Ho Chi Minh city.

I traveled to the island in May 2019. It was one of the last places i visited in Vietnam, during the span of 5 months that i spent in the country. I was checking out unique places to stay at Phu Quoc. I wanted to stay in the southern part of the island, near the Sao beach, and that is how I came across this place.

My unique stay at Phu Quoc island was at “Phu Nam House”.


Phu Nam house is located in the south east of Phu Quoc. As mentioned before, the stay is quite close to Sao beach, which is one of the best beaches on the island.

How to reach:

At the airport, you can put this place on your map or hire a Vinasun cab with the following location:

Phu Nam House on Google maps:

Phu Nam House

The google maps route from the Phu Quoc international airport to the Phu Nam house:

Route from Phu Quoc international airport to Phu Nam House

Phu Nam house is about ~16 kms from the Airport. The ride from the airport is beautiful and serene.

When you approach the last small stretch of the road towards the place, you take a right turn and enter a narrow lane. As you move ahead in the lane, Green garden resort comes first on the left hand side, and just a few meters ahead is Phu Nam House, on the right hand side.

Me peeping from my cottage at Phu Nam House, Phu Quoc
Me peeping from my cottage at Phu Nam House, Phu Quoc

The feel of the place:

Phu Nam House is located amidst the forests of Phu Quoc island. So the place has a very adventurous feel to it. Apart from cottages, the place also has some cute hobbit houses.

As you walk inside the place, you can move towards the reception which is on the right end corner. When i was visiting (Ms.) Thuy was the receptionist. She was super sweet and had welcomed me warmly to the stay. And while my room was getting ready, Thuy invited me to wait in the small shacky looking cafeteria.

Other cottages in Phu Nam House
Other cottages in Phu Nam House

The cafeteria there is more like a common kitchen than a cafeteria per se. You can buy coldrinks/alcohol and can cook/store your food. The area has wooden tables with small wooden stools, all partly dunked in sand. The place also has two hammocks, where you can relax and chat around with your friends or other backpackers/tourists.

Your room:

The fun part is the room. Mine was a small cottage, right near the entrance of the place. Inside the cottage there was a neatly laid mattress with pillows, bedsheet and a table fan. So the interiors were quite simple. And as you can tell, this cottage plan, came with a sharing bathroom.

Entrance of my tiny cottage at Phu Nam House
Entrance of my tiny cottage at Phu Nam House

The pathway to my cottage was made up of a series of stone steps, which gradually lead to the main door. The cottage also had another door. Both the doors could be used for entering/exiting. It also had two cute small windows for letting the light and the air in. I was really enjoying this space, it felt like a small little world of mine.

Inside my little cottage in Phu Nam House, Phu Quoc
Inside my little cottage in Phu Nam House, Phu Quoc

Getting around the place:

At Phu Nam house you can rent a bicycle for free. You can also get a scooter on rent. Scooters are recommended to explore the island, as cabs are quite expensive and not easily available at all locations. But, if you have to take a cab, Vinasun is the best and the safest option.

As I was researching about places to see, Thuy informed me that there is a local beach nearby which i can explore and then may be go to Sao beach. So I took the bike (bicycle), and rode towards the local beach.

The route to the local beach is quite straightforward. After exiting from Phu Nam, and riding through the narrow lane, you just need to take a right and then keep riding straight. At one point, which can be easily identified, you can park the bike and walk from there on to the beach. The sands of the local beach is a picnic spot and may be a little unclean, but as you walk towards the water, it is quite clean and blue.

As I was strolling around in the local beach, I spotted another beach at a walkable distance. I decided to walk till there and explore that beach as well. The walk was interesting with different kind of rocks, washed up shells and the view of the blue infinite waters. As I traversed the distance and neared the distant beach, I realised it was Sao beach (had visited the beach the previous day). So if you want to explore the beach through this route, it is also an interesting experience.

The other route (shown by the red dotted line) to reach Sao beach from Phu Nam House. The blue line shows the route through the main road
The other route (shown by the red dotted line) to reach Sao beach from Phu Nam House. The blue line shows the route through the main road

Food near the place:

As Phu Nam House does not have its own restaurant, one needs to look for food options outside, either near the beaches where you are travelling or near the stay. You can also travel with some food along with you, so that you can always snack when you need and have a food backup.

One such option, where one can have lunch or dinner at, is the Green Garden Resort. The resort is located on the opposite side of Phu Nam House entrance (on the left hand side as you exit). The place has decent food options. You can drop in here for dinner at the end of the day, when you back from all the travel and quickly want to eat something without the hassle of cooking.

At night:

Being quite in the middle of Phu Quoc’s green forests, this place has a jungle feel to it. And it gets quite adventurous at night. You can hear geckos, lizards and crickets calling and their sounds accompany you through the night.

So if you want to experience a different foresty kind of stay in Phu Quoc island, at a very pocket friendly price (about $12/day), Phu Nam House can be an interesting option for you.

If you happen to visit with your friends and family, do share your experiences with me and the eatpraylovediscover family.

Booking the place on airbnb:

Airbnb link of the unique stay in Phu Quoc:

Phu Nam House in Phu Quoc

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