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Most amazing Thali from Tamil Nadu in Bangalore

It was a Sunday afternoon and my flatmate (Arathi) and I were thinking about what to eat. But the question was a little more layered than that. Do we eat in? Or out? In both the cases, what? If we eat out, do we travel far? Or stay close by? Do we go light on the pocket? Or do we splurge?

As we were endlessly scrolling through the food apps and google results, Arathi suddenly recalled about a place she had heard of and wanted to go to. A place that offered traditional thali or meal from Tamil Nadu.

Very hungry and tired of all the scrolling, I also thought let us try something new. So we decided to head to this place.

The place with the most amazing thali from Tamil Nadu in Bangalore is “Annapoorani”.


Located at the junction of Indiranagar double road and CMH road, Annapoorani is easy to spot, whether you go from CMH road or from double road. It is adjacent to the Bengali restaurant “Esplanade”.


After overcoming our laziness, we reached the restaurant at around 2 pm and we quickly caught on to its energy. The place has neatly laid wooden tables and chairs. When we entered, the place was super busy, with most of the tables full. The servers were moving swiftly from table to table, deftly serving food, much in rhythm with the restaurant’s energy.

The food

We went, washed up and settled in. Freshly washed banana leaves were laid out in front of us. And soon after, the servers started serving the food to us.

It started with chutney (Indian style sauce) and papaddam (lentil crisp) on our leaf plates. Then we were served the daal, sambhar, rasam, payasam, and curd in little bowls. After that came the rice. The server with ghee (clarified butter) succeeded the rice server and poured generous amounts on top of the piping hot rice. Then, it was all on us to pick and choose from the dishes and savour every bit of the food.

We dived in and ate without thinking twice. The food was hot, fresh and extremely flavoursome. We ate till our stomachs resisted. It was, no doubt, one of the tastiest meals that I have ever had.

So on a weekend, when you are feeling very hungry and craving for some fresh traditional food, just drop in here with your friends or family and eat to your hearts content.

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Google maps link for directions to the restaurant with most amazing Thali from Tamil Nadu in Bangalore:

Annapoorani restaurant Indiranagar

Zomato link of the restaurant:

Annapoorani on Zomato


  • Sakthi

    Nice review ,I ve been here on Saturday afternoon , they server meals like they server on marriage occasions ,yummy it was 🙂

    Also evening they have nice food like adai aviyal , oothappams n.much more for the south Indian palate.

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