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Visiting the 3D Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

If you have not been to a 3D museum and are visiting Ho Chi Minh city, this museum can be one of places to see while you are here. The paintings at the museum are amazing. And with family and friends, this can be great fun.

The name of the museum is Artinus 3D museum.

Located in District 7, this place is quite far from the city centre, in District 1. So, travelling to this place exposes you to different side of Ho Chi Minh city, with fancy row houses and other newly constructed buildings.

When I started my stay in Ho Chi Minh city, this was one of the first places that I visited. After my research on one Friday night, I planned to visit the museum the next day. I woke up lazily, had my breakfast, got ready and left from my place, near Tan Dinh market at around 11 in the morning. It took me to close to 30 minutes to traverse through the city and reach the museum.

At the museum, once you buy your tickets, you need to take off your shoes (so that you don’t soil all the posing area) and enter. I went inside and started seeing the lovely paintings. I clicked some pictures, took some selfies and kept walking. But I was feeling quite regular, very ok, about the place.

Also, at that time of the day, there were few people inside, so I was not able to ask anyone else also to click some pictures for me. Then realizing that I was travelling solo, one of the staff members asked me to wait and called over one person. And, then I got to know, that the museum has hired staff, specially to click pictures for visitors, especially the ones travelling solo.

Then started the real fun.

When I saw the pictures as clicked by Huong, I got the real feel of the 3D musuem. It was just amazing. The 3D effect was perfect, and all the pictures looked amazing.

The variety of themes at the museum keeps you engaged and makes you feel like posing with each of them. I spent close to three hours inside the museum, posing to my hearts content and taking a million pictures. Thanks a lot to Huong. We took some great pictures together as well. And by the end of tour, we became friends and we still stay connected through Facebook.

Once you are done seeing the whole place and clicking the many pictures, the museum also has the facility of getting the images you have clicked on your phone or camera, printed. You can choose to get them printed on paper, mugs, or keychains, as you like. I also got some of the pictures printed.

If you are planning to visit Ho Chi Minh city and have a day extra, you can plan to visit this place. Half a day should be good enough for the museum.

Do visit with your friends and family and share your experiences with me. Keep travelling! Keep exploring! 😊

Address of the museum:

Artinus 3D musuem

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