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Best Prawn Biriyani in Bangalore

Looking for the perfect biriyani in Bangalore city? Here is the place. This is, the place to order a prawn biriyani from, over a weekend, while you laze around at home.

The common and most loved options of biriyani are for sure the chicken and the mutton versions. However, for a change, if you are craving for some prawn biriyani, here is a place.

Located in Koramangala 5th block, this place is situated right in the hot pot of all the food fun in Bengaluru. This is one of those places, where you reach in the search of that pure, authentic taste. It is especially recommended for the lovers of malabar biriyani. Set in the style of a typical Kerala based restaurant, it brings in the flavour of malabar, right to the heart of Bengaluru.

So this place which has the best prawn biriyani in the city of Bengaluru is Thalaserry restaurant. True to its name, this place brings the genuine flavours of Kerala, to the city.

I was first exposed to the mind dissolving taste of biriyani from kerala when i visited the town of Thalaserry for a friend’s engagement. We had planned, that we will quickly eat some food after attending the ceremony and leave. But once the biriyani was served and i put the first morsel in my mouth, i was pretty much inclined to miss the class just to finish the scrumptious biriyani.

Having spent two years of my life in Kerala, during my IIM days, I received a pretty good introduction to the food from this Southern state of India. And was i impressed. I became a lifelong fan of Malabar biriyani, Appam and stew, fish molee, Kerala parantha and chicken curry. My god, the list is endless. And so, food from Kerala will forever have a special place in my heart.

When i found a glimmer of that taste very much in Bengaluru (having lived in this city close to five years now), I was naturally pulled towards it and I was not at all disappointed.

So if you are a lover of Biriyani and a lover of prawns, here is a chance to get the best of both on your platter. Try it, you will thank me for sure. Also once here, do try the Sulaimani Chai.

Following is the Zomato link of the restaurant:

Thalaserry Restaurant

Do leave a comment when you order in or visit the place and taste the amazing biriyani.

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