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Best Chicken Momos in Bangalore

There is nothing like a satisfying plate of soft, steaming momos. Right? Thankfully in Bangalore there are several places which offer you great momos.

However, the place with the best chicken momos in Bangalore is ‘Tibetan Mother’s kitchen“.

Located on the first floor of a small building in Koramangala 7th block (opp. of Forum mall), this place is the perfect place to have a nice comforting lunch/dinner, after you have shopped your mind (and wallet) off, in the mall.  

A narrow staircase leads you to the restaurant. You can either choose to sit next to the small balcony or sit inside. You will notice that the interiors are very humble and reflect a simple Tibetan style.

As you will settle down at the restaurant and start looking at the menu, you will be lost for choices for sure, but do order the chicken momos. They are simply out of the world.

The last time i visited, I was sitting by the small blue window inside the restaurant. I actually felt like, I was sitting inside a small wooden eatery, perched somewhere on the top of a Himalayan mountain. That coupled with the chicken momos, was a great experience.

Do let me know when you visit and share your experience….

Zomato link of the place:

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