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Best Malabar curry in Bangalore

Being a Bengali I am always on the lookout for fish curries and fish based dishes. And Bangalore never disappoints.

So the place which has the best Malabar curry in Bangalore is “The Marina”.

Located in Indiranagar, 100 ft. road, this restaurant boasts of a different concept. First, as you settle down, the restaurant through a subtle message on the table, educates you about the seasonality of fish breeding. It helps you consciously consume fish, in way that minimizes any harm caused to marine life.

Secondly, instead of picking from a fixed menu, the restaurant lets you create (along with them) a custom dish for you. The staff leads you to the elaborate display of fresh fish and seafood for you to choose from. You can pick a fish (or seafood) based on the month of the year (if you feel like, based on seasonality of fish breeding) and order accordingly.

Once you choose the fish, then you choose a curry you like from their menu. The staff will help you choose and will also recommend (in case you need help) which fish would go best with which curry. And finally, based on the fish and curry you chose, a customized dish will be prepared for you.

The mouth watering aroma engulfing me, as the Malabar curry is being served :)
The mouth watering aroma engulfing me, as the Malabar curry is being served 🙂

My favourite at the restaurant is ofcourse the Malabar curry with ghee rice. It is simply heavenly.

Do visit “The Marina” for a lovely meal with your family and friends and please share your experiences with me.

Zomato link of the restaurant:

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