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Best South Indian food in Ho Chi Minh City

Having spent 5 months in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, I had the best possible opportunity to explore in depth the best Indian cuisine options in the city.

And I indeed found the answers. As I was the only person from my team back in India, who was working onsite in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), Indian food was definitely one of the things that would brighten up my day. Believe me, when one lives far away from one’s motherland, every little thing which reminds one about one’s country (flavour of food, music, clothes, people et al…) it all feels very special.

The place which has the best south Indian food in Ho Chi Minh city is “Saigon Indian restaurant”.

Established more than 2 decades ago by an Indian businessman who himself was looking for Indian food when he arrived there, the restaurant is the oldest Indian restaurant in Saigon.

How to reach:

Located right in the heart of District 1, the restaurant is located in Mac Thi Buoi street, perpendicular to Nguyen Hue street (the walking street of Ho Chi Minh city), right opposite Sunwah Tower.

What to eat:

The first time when I was served a crispy masala dosa, with fresh coconut chutney and sambhaar, I could not believe my luck and the fact that I was having a freshly made authentic dosa, that too in Vietnam. My feeling resonated with all my friends back in India, when I shared the pictures of the yummy looking (and tasting ofcourse) dosa with them.

And so no wonder, I became a regular at the restaurant for all the time I spent in the city.

In addition to south Indian food, the restaurant also has a few other delicious dishes to offer. Few of my favourites are:

  1. Hara Bhara kebab
  2. Chicken tikka
  3. Fish tikka
  4. Fish masala
South Indian Meals...
South Indian Meals at Saigon Indian Restaurant…

The place also has some authentic south indian meals for those who are looking at a wholesome, filling lunch/dinner.

Do try this place out with friends and family, when you are in the city and craving for some nice Indian food.

Following is the google maps link of Saigon Indian restaurant:

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