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Best Crepes in Bangalore

Let me welcome you all to this very very cute place in Koramanagala 7th block, “Lot like crepes” .

Lot like crepes” is the place with the best crepes in Bangalore. It is one of my favourite breakfast places in the city. When I don’t crave for the big English breakfast but only the nice delicate crepes, I head for this place.

My favourites here are the chicken sausage with cheese crepe and nutella crepe. My god, my mouth is watering as I type.

The crepes are simply irresistible and insanely delicious. With softness, they just melts in your mouth and the taste inside your mouth as well as the joy is your heart just bursts. Thankfully I am typing this on a Saturday, so I know where I am headed for the most amazing Sunday morning breakfast. 

See you all there! Have great crepes and stay happy!

Zomato link of ‘lot like crepes’…


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